Why Work with a Designer

Decorating a home is a rewarding experience.  However, few of us embark on a decorating project with total and absolute confidence.  We may know in our mind’s eye what we want our home (or specific room) to look like, but turning this vision into reality is often easier said that done.  The difficulty, usually, is simply not knowing or being certain where to begin.  Sometimes it’s not being sure how to best express our tastes in a personal way. With so many options and directions to go, it’s easy to get confused.

An interior designer has a love for the feeling a room will impart to the viewer.  At the same time the designer considers the function of the area.  Each person is an individual and therefore their home should reflect their individual taste.  With an appreciation for color, shape, line, texture, proportion, pattern and light, the interior designer works with their client to develop the spirit and mood desired.  A good designer can help get the most value for dollars being spent by working with many resources, thus avoiding costly errors.  I firmly believe it is necessary that the designer should encourage their client to think of their purchase as an investment.  It is far better to plan a project and establish the client’s goals at the beginning.  In this way the client has a clear picture of where they are headed and are able to work at comfortable pace.  It is important that you enjoy this wonderful adventure and Castle Comforts looks forward to sharing and helping you along the way.