interior designer

susan duthie

For 25 years Susan Bainbridge Duthie has served the Bay Area with unique and innovative interior design. Qualified in interior specifications, expert color coordination, and the art of placement, her projects range from ground-up renovation and new construction to the last lamp on your table. Susan believes the key to successful design outcome is listening to her clients, and her goal is to help them realize more than they thought possible within the framework of their own tastes.

jim duthie

You will find Jim most often in our studio. He is happy to discuss the scope of your project, to help you assess how well the products and services offered by Castle Comforts will meet your needs. He also attends to all the financial matters of the company. One of his many interests is working with Sadie, our Portuguese Water Dog, in the local therapy dog programs throughout the Tri-Valley.

business manager
interior designer

Cindy Krutilla

Cindy Krutilla offers more than a decade’s experience managing project design for Bay Area homes and commercial spaces. A Reiki Master as well as an interior designer, her interest in creating environments that are both aesthetically pleasing and energetically supportive stems from her desire to create environments that truly nurture her client’s well being.